Evaporative Cooler Repairs

Evaporative Cooler RepairsEvaporative coolers are a great option for keeping cool in the Denver area’s hot, dry summer climate. They offer several benefits over refrigerated air conditioning systems.

Evaporative coolers are less expensive to install and have lower operating costs (up to 80% lower than refrigerated air conditioning). They are environmentally friendly since they don’t use ozone-damaging chlorofluorcarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons, and they emit lower levels of CO2. Evaporative coolers work by circulating outside air through your home or office, ensuring that your space always has fresh air, rather than recirculated indoor air, and because of this, you don’t need to keep your windows and door closed to operate them.

Something else to consider is how evaporative coolers work. Traditional air conditioners cool by removing moisture from the air, which can make our already dry Colorado air even drier. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, use a simple cooling technology to inject moisture into the air, cooling your home or office through evaporation. If you come from other parts of the country with high humidity, this may seem counter-intuitive. In low-humidity areas, however, it makes sense, and evaporative coolers rely on this principle. The cooler draws the hot, dry outdoor air over water-saturated pads. The water then evaporates into the air, cooling it by 15°- to 40°F. That cooled air is then directed into your home, pushing the warmer air out through windows.

If you suffer from dry eyes or dry skin, allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses, that little bit of added moisture can be a huge relief. This can be especially important for children and the elderly, who are more greatly impacted by the aggravating effects of dry air. The increased moisture can protect your woodwork and furniture, too!

Repair and Maintenance

If your unit is not working properly, before you consider a replacement contact the experts at Northern Climate Control to determine whether a repair might do the trick.

To keep your evaporative cooler in top working condition for years to come, contact Northern Climate Control for seasonal maintenance. In the spring, our trained technicians will make sure your system is operational for summer. In fall, we’ll protect your investment by winterizing your system to prevent costly damage. We also offer filter changes, water flow system inspection, and leak inspection.

Northern Climate Control services the entire Denver Metro area. Our licensed and insured experts specialize in evaporative cooler repairs for both residential and commercial installations.