Ductwork and Ventilation

Why Ductwork and Ventilation Maintenance is so Important

Ductwork and VentilationOne of the most important systems in your home is one you may never see: your air ducts. The performance and longevity of your forced air furnace and your air conditioner depend on proper ductwork and vent piping maintenance.

  • Leaky ductwork waste energy. 10-30% of your heating and central air costs can be wasted on heated or cooled air that never makes it into your living space, yet you are paying for it.
  • A 20% reduction of airflow through your ducts decreases efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment by half.
  • Improperly working ducts require your system to run longer and more often. This puts unnecessary strain on your furnace and air conditioner, reducing the life of your equipment.
  • Proper ventilation is necessary for fresh air intakes and healthier indoor air.
  • Corrosion in vent piping can cause mold and mildew to accumulate.

Northern Climate Control Offers

  • Air duct sealing
  • Air duct installation
  • Air duct repair

Air Duct Installation

If your home is not being heated or cooled properly, the cause could be your air ducts. They may be too big or too small. Our experts can examine your distribution system and determine if it is appropriate for your needs, then make recommendations for improving airflow and efficiency.

Air Duct Repair

Leaks due to failing seals and bad joints waste money and negatively impact your comfort with rooms that are too hot or too cold. We offer professional inspections to find and correct the problem. Repairing your ductwork will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, improve your indoor air quality, improve your comfort level and save you money by lowering your utility bills.

Northern Climate Control is pleased to offer Aeroseal Duct Sealing, an award-winning, breakthrough process that seals duct leaks from the inside out. First, we cover the wall registers to prevent air from escaping. Next, we inject sealant into the ducts for one hour. Tiny aerosol particles are suspended in the airflow, causing them to collide and adhere to any cracks and holes. Once the ducts are sealed only 1-2 ounces of sealant remains. A computer-generated analysis is performed to verify the leakage and the success of the Aeroseal process. Your ducts are sealed in just 4-8 hours.

Northern Climate Control is licensed and insured and has been serving the Denver Metro area since 2003. We deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project.  Contact us today to schedule a ductwork or ventilation service.