We are Hiring! Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Work for NCC

We are Hiring! Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Work for NCCIf you’ve been thinking about applying for HVAC technician jobs in the Denver area, then Northern Climate Control’s got you covered. We’re currently hiring both a technician and a junior technician to support our busy team.

We may be a little biased, but we think you’ll enjoy working here as much as we do!  Here are five reasons why.

1. Gain the Skills You Need to Launch Your Career

Skilled HVAC technicians can earn up to $130,500 per year. But in order to qualify for those positions, you need experience. Northern Climate Control will help you develop the skills that you need to launch an HVAC career that you can stick with for as long as you’re in the workforce.

2. Enjoy Flexible Scheduling

The two positions that we’re hiring for will both be set up as independent contractors (1099). This means that you won’t have to commit to having the same schedule every workday, every week. You’ll have more flexibility to keep up with the other important parts of your life.

3. No Two Days Will Ever Be The Same

HVAC technician jobs aren’t like standard office positions. You’ll spend your days out on job sites at our clients’ houses. Each call will give you the opportunity to identify and resolve a new problem.

That means no two days will ever be exactly the same when you’re working for Northern Climate Control. We can promise that you’ll never get bored or fall into a rut.

4. Help Your Fellow Community Members

The work that we do is extremely rewarding. As one of our team members, you’ll get to go out into the community and help people solve the HVAC issues that have been troubling them.

The work that you do will have a direct impact on people, and you’ll get to experience it firsthand every day.

5. Make Consistent Money

Of course, the point of any job is to earn money. At Northern Climate Control, we’ll keep you busy with a steady supply of jobs so that you’re earning income every week.

That means you get both a steady income and scheduling flexibility when you join our team.

Reach Out Today to Get Started

Do you think that a job with Northern Climate Control could be right for you? If so, get in touch with us today. We serve the entire Denver Metro Area and can’t wait to talk to you about joining our team.