Single Stage vs. Two Stage Gas Furnaces - Which is Better?

Single Stage vs. Two Stage Gas Furnaces - Which is Better?Gas furnaces come in two types: single-stage, and two-stage. With an expected system lifespan of 15-30 years, you want to be sure you make the right choice. Which is best for your home depends on several factors, including your budget, home size and layout, how long you intend to live there, and any unique heating challenges you may have.

Single-Stage Furnace Pros and Cons

Single-stage furnaces are always on and always running at full power. They have the lowest initial cost, which is their main advantage.

Running at full power all the time can be problematic when heating a large home. The areas near air vents will warm up quickly, sometimes tricking the thermostat into thinking the whole house has become warm when the rest is actually just trying to catch up. That means there can be cold spots around the house.

To circumvent this, the homeowner has to raise the thermostat temporarily to an inflated temperature. That increases energy usage.

A single-stage furnace is appropriate for small- to medium-sized, single-story homes. However, if your home is large or has multiple stories, buy a two-stage furnace instead.

Two-Stage Furnace Pros and Cons

Two-stage furnaces can be operated at either high power or low power. Most of the time, you’ll have it set on low power, but if the outside temperature drops quickly, the furnace can switch to high power to stay warm.

The ability to switch between the power modes makes two-stage furnaces more energy-efficient than single-stage furnaces. The low power mode allows the unit to conserve energy, while the high power mode reduces temperature fluctuations and avoids uneven heating. The one drawback is that two-stage furnaces cost several hundred dollars more to buy than single-stage furnaces.

If your house has more than one story or is large, you are most likely to benefit from owning a two-stage furnace. Otherwise, you won’t get to reap the long-term benefits of lower energy bills.

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