Reme Halo Vs. Reme Halo LED: What’s The Difference?

Reme Halo Vs. Reme Halo LED: What’s The Difference?Reme Halo and Reme Halo LED are two models of air purifiers for indoor air. They help homeowners avoid mold, bacteria, dust, and other allergens.

How do these air purification systems work?

Reme Halo air purifiers can kill up to 99% of mold, bacteria, and even viruses. They are designed to improve the air quality of your entire home by working in tandem with your current HVAC system.

Both the Reme Halo and Reme Halo LED are whole-home air purifiers. Instead of portable systems which are limited in what they can clean, in-duct systems by Reme purify air and surfaces throughout your home. They can also be more energy-efficient than many portable systems and may require less maintenance.

Advantages of Reme Halo

  • Targets bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, and other undesirable particles
  • Actively removes particles from the air and surfaces
  • Works with your current HVAC system
  • Kills up to 99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold
  • One system protects all of your home’s indoor air
  • Can kill up to 99% of sneeze germs by the time they have flown 3 feet
  • Makes no noise and does not require any additional space

Advantages of Reme Halo LED

  • Lasts up to two and a half times longer than comparable vapor UV lamps.
  • Noticeable reduction in particulates, odors, VOCs, smoke, mold, viruses, bacteria, and more
  • Purifies mold, bacterial, microbial matter, and viruses from the air and many surfaces
  • The industry’s first washable catalyst
  •  Easy to clean even if you smoke in the home
  • Seven-year warranty

What do the Reme Halo and Reme Halo LED have in common?

The Reme Halo and Reme Halo LED have much more in common than most people realize. This is one of the reasons why it can be so hard to decide which one to purchase.

  • One of the main air purifying mechanisms involved with both products is the release of hydrogen peroxide into the air through the process of photo-hydro ionization.
  • Both the Reme Halo and the Reme Halo LED utilize bipolar ionization to purify the air. They also both have dual ionizers which help with increased bipolar ionization.
  • Since the Reme Halo and the Reme Halo LED both use the same process to release hydrogen peroxide, they are effective against the same bacteria, viruses, and mold. This means you can expect the same protection from both the Reme Halo and the Reme Halo LED. However, at this time, only the Reme Halo has been officially tested against the coronavirus.

How are the Reme Halo and Reme Halo LED different?

While the Reme Halo and Reme Halo LED are extremely similar, there are a few minor areas in which they differ.

  • The key difference is that the Reme Halo uses a UV light and the Reme Halo LED uses an LED light.
  • Reme Halo has officially been tested against the coronavirus. However, just because the Reme Halo LED hasn’t been officially tested against the coronavirus doesn’t mean that it isn’t also effective against it.
  • The UV light used in the Reme Halo releases a tiny amount of ozone, barely approaching measurable limits. However, by using an LED light, the Reme Halo LED is able to achieve an officially certified zero-ozone status
  • Both the Reme Halo and the Reme Halo LED have an internal battery cell that needs to be replaced every few years.
  • The Reme Halo LED only turns on when your air handler is running, while the Reme Halo stays on full-time. This means that the Reme Halo LED will use less power than the Reme Halo.

Which is Best for You?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do I want to spend initially? The initial cost for the Reme Halo LED will be slightly higher, but the Reme Halo will cost a little more over time.
  • How important is it to me that the product has been tested against the coronavirus? Reme Halo has been tested and proven effective. Reme Halo LED has not been tested, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective as well.
  • Do I want an ozone-free product? If so, go with the Reme Halo LED. It has officially passed all necessary certifications.
  • Are you sensitive to smells? Then purchase the Reme Halo LED, as the slight odor emanating from the Reme Halo may trigger your sensitivity.

No matter which you choose, both the Reme Halo and the Reme Halo LED are amazing whole-house air purification products!

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