How to Reduce Your Home’s Air Duct Leakage by up to 90%

How to Reduce Your Home's Air Duct Leakage by up to 90%The most efficient furnace or air conditioner in the world will not do you any good if your ductwork leaks. Duct leakage wastes energy and money because some of the warm or cool air you are paying for never reaches the living spaces in your home. Aeroseal is an effective way for Denver homeowners to repair those leaks and generate energy savings with lower utility bills.

How much money are we talking about? On average, 30 cents of every $1 spent on heating and cooling never makes it to your living spaces because that heated or cooled air is leaking out of your ductwork! Sealing duct leaks reduces the amount of heated or cooled air the supply fan must handle to deliver the same amount of air to the conditioned space.

How Aeroseal works

The Aeroseal process is a revolutionary patented technology that uses polymer particles to seal the leaks. The non-toxic particles are suspended in the airflow and begin to stick to the edges of the holes and cracks. Then they stick to each other completely sealing all the leaks in your ductwork.

Benefits of Aeroseal

Aeroseal is a simple, effective way to improve the overall performance of your HVAC system, with several specific benefits.

Home Comfort

When you ductwork leaks, you do not receive the benefit of all the heated or cooled air generated by your HVAC equipment. Once the ducts are sealed, you will notice a significant improvement in the comfort level throughout your home – with less wear and tear on your system.

Indoor Air Quality

Aeroseal improves your indoor air quality by eliminating the gaps in your ductwork where dust, debris and allergens can get into your system, and eventually into your living spaces.

Energy Savings & Lower Utility Bills

With Aeroseal, your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to turn on as often to adequately heat and cool your home. Less wasted energy translates directly to lower energy bills – all while you experience greater comfort.

As part of the process, the Aeroseal technicians do a pretest of your system to show you exactly how much air is being lost to leaks in your ducts. In a typical home, it is 30-40% — quite a significant amount. After the work is completed, you’ll receive a computer-generated analysis showing the reduction in leakage, verifying the improvement.

Are you ready to be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and save money all year long? Contact Northern Climate Control today to find out more about Aeroseal duct sealing!