HVAC Tune-up & Maintenance Checklist

HVAC Tune-up & Maintenance ChecklistScheduling routine maintenance by a professional HVAC technician is a great way of saving money and catching problems early. Maintenance should be done every fall and spring to increase the functionality of your HVAC system and prolong its lifespan.

Here are some things you can expect your HVAC technician to examine during a routine tune-up of your air conditioner:

  1. The amperage and voltage being produced by the blower motor
  2. The operation of the thermostat
  3. The air filter (clean or replace)
  4. The indoor coil
  5. Operating pressures of the refrigerant
  6. Any wear or strain on the bearing
  7. The drain
  8. Condenser coil (clean)
  9. Any exposed wiring
  10. Efficient operation of safety devices
  11. Electrical wiring
  12. Safe installation of the electrical disconnect box
  13. Any burned contactors
  14. Fan blades
  15. Operation of service valves
  16. Energy waste in ductwork
  17. Wiring connections
  18. Amperage of the compressor
  19. Measurement of supply/return temperature differential

Likewise, here is what you can expect from a safety and efficiency inspection of your furnace:

  1. Examination of carbon monoxide
  2. Testing of thermostat operation
  3. Search for combustible materials around furnace
  4. Inspection of a safe and operable ignition system
  5. Ventilation test of exhaust system
  6. Measurement of supply/return temperature differential
  7. Testing of safety and control circuits
  8. Inspection of fan belt tension
  9. Air filter replacement
  10. Lubrication of blower motors
  11. Cleaning of furnace burner
  12. Cleaning of heat exchangers
  13. Cleaning of furnace exterior
  14. HydroScan certification of heat exchangers
  15. Measurement of gas pressure efficiency
  16. Lubrication of all moving parts

What Can You Do Yourself?

Outside of scheduling routine tune-ups, you can clean or replace your air filters monthly. This allows your HVAC system to function at maximum efficiency and protects it from built-up damage.

It is important for your safety, comfort, and wallet to have a professional examine your HVAC system every six months. Call Northern Climate Control and schedule your routine tune-up today. We serve homeowners in the Denver Metro Area.