Can Zoning be Added to an Existing HVAC System?

Can Zoning be Added to an Existing HVAC System?If you do not have an HVAC zoning system, you may feel like every room in your house has a different climate. Maybe your basement feels like the arctic tundra, while your bedrooms are more like the Sahara Desert. This discrepancy is mainly due to the fact that each room has different windows, lighting, flooring, furniture, etc. All of these elements are factors when it comes to setting the temperature of each room.

One of the best ways to regulate the temperature throughout your house is to install an HVAC zoning system.

What exactly is zoning?

An HVAC zoning system does precisely as you would think. It divides your house into zones, or sections, and enables you to control the temperature in each area individually. When operating off of a regular HVAC system, one temperature reaches the whole house without consideration for variables such as those mentioned above. Zoning allows you to control smaller areas, eliminating inconsistencies.

Can zoning be added to an HVAC system that already exists?

The main difference between single-zone HVAC systems and multi-zone HVAC systems is that multi-zone systems have special dampers that help direct and control temperature in various areas of the home. Most standard systems can be converted to multi-zone systems with the help of a licensed HVAC professional.

It is important that you seek a professional’s help because the task of installing a zoning system requires a high understanding of ductwork. It also involves some complicated electrical work.

How can you tell if zoning is right for your home?

Before you decide if installing a zoning system is your number one solution, you need to consider whether not you have a tightly sealed home envelope.

A home envelope refers to the sealing and insulation all around your home. It decides how much air gets and how much air gets out. An insulated home is very important because your HVAC system can only perform so well when the air is escaping or leaking.

Before you decide whether or not to invest in zoning, have a professional determine whether or not your home envelope is tightly sealed. If it isn’t, consider optimizing that before installing a zoning system.

The best way to know if zoning is right for you is to contact a zoning professional. Northern Climate Control is licensed and insured and has years of zoning experience. We serve in the Denver Metro area and deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Contact us today to schedule your meeting with a licensed professional.