7 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep You Warm All Winter

7 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep You Warm All WinterMost people don’t enjoy feeling cold. So, if you have ever been caught off guard by a broken furnace during the winter months, you know it isn’t fun. Homeowners can often prevent mechanical issues by scheduling routine maintenance. We suggest a yearly furnace tune-up each Fall. Your HVAC professional can inspect and clean your furnace, often catching problems before they become catastrophic issues. In addition, you can also perform certain maintenance items yourself.

1. Clean your air filter.

The simplest solution is often the most efficient. If you allow dirt and debris to collect in your air filter, this can cause your furnace to function poorly and even lead to long-term problems. Help your furnace do its best work by changing its filters regularly.

2. Make sure your CO detectors are working.

This is a very important step, since allowing carbon monoxide to build up in your home is dangerous to you and your family. Test your CO detectors regularly so that you will be alerted should your furnace develop a leak.

3. Call in a professional for a tune-up.

While this still requires a phone call to your HVAC technician, it won’t be a cold one. You can avoid a breakdown in the dead of winter by scheduling routine maintenance performed by a professional.

4. Ensure that your registers aren’t blocked.

If you have a chair, sofa, table, etc. pushed against an air register, this can “block” the air flow and cause inefficient heating. Be certain that each register has room for proper airflow.

5. Check your pilot light.

In older furnaces especially, you should regularly check your pilot light to ensure that it has not gone out and that it is the right color. The proper color of a pilot light is blue. If the light is burning a different color or something seems off, contact a professional.

6. Maintain an open area around exhaust pipes.

Exhaust pipes need space for functionality. Check the area outside your home where your exhaust pipes vent and clear the way of any clutter or blockage.

7. Keep a clear, clean environment for your furnace.

Likewise, it is important that you keep a tidy area around your furnace inside. Not only does this provide easier access should you or a professional need to take a look at it in a hurry, it is safer. Give your furnace room to breathe.

It’s easy to be caught off guard when the cold months hit, but a little work now can prevent a frigid surprise later. Whether you schedule a tune-up or just look into proper maintenance, taking a few simple precautions can help your furnace to function at its best all winter long.

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