6 Air Duct Issues that Could be Affecting Your Home’s Comfort Level

5 Common Air Duct Issues that Could be Affecting Your Home's Comfort LevelAlthough most homeowners don’t realize it, air ducts affect your home’s comfort level and the size of your utility bills. You give a lot of consideration to your air conditioner and heater, but people don’t often give a single thought to the ductwork that runs through their walls.

What Do Air Ducts Do?

The HVAC unit heats or cools the air to a comfortable temperature, and the fan blows the air through the ductwork that runs through your home. The floor vents are where the air leaves the ductwork and moves throughout the room.

Common Air Duct Issues

Air ducts with these problems lead to uncomfortable homes and inefficient heating and cooling systems.

#1 – Poor Design and Installation

Many times it is not the size of your HVAC unit that keeps you from cooling or heating your home, it is your ductwork. It is estimated that the average ductwork system is only 57% efficient. Without the proper design or installation, the air won’t circulate properly.

#2 – Inadequate Airflow

Not only will poor design decrease the air coming out of the vents but it also restricts the air going INTO your heater or air conditioner. You cannot heat or cool what isn’t there. Inadequate airflow means your unit has to work harder which lessens efficiency and the life of your unit. It also reduces the comfort level of your home.

#3 – Kinks and Twists

Another cause of restricted air flow is flexible plastic ducts. Many times they become kinked or twisted where they are exposed. Make sure you check them regularly.

#4 – Leaking Ducts

This is one of the most common duct issues homeowners face. On average, only 60%-80% of the air that your HVAC unit pushes through the ducts makes it where you want it to go. The rest leaks out into the walls or ceilings and does nothing to heat your home.

Properly sealing ductwork is vitally important if you want to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

#5 – Insufficient Insulation

Cold does not move in, heat moves out, and metal ductwork transfers that heat quickly and easily. After all, that is why we cook with metal pans. If your ducts are not insulated to hold the heat inside, then the air will cool before it reaches the furthest areas of your home. This could decrease the comfort level in some rooms to unacceptable levels

#6 – Dirty Air Ducts

Allergens are a big issue for many. Dirty air ducts can harbor dust, pollen, mold, and lots of dirt. To maintain indoor air quality, you should have your ductwork inspected and cleaned regularly.

If your home is not being heated or cooled properly, the cause could be your air ducts. Northern Climate Control offers air duct sealing, air duct installation, and air duct repair. Northern Climate Control in the Denver Metro can answer all your questions regarding your ductwork. Contact NCC today!