12 Simple Tips for Lowering Heating Costs

12 Simple Tips for Lowering Heating CostsWinter is on its way, but that doesn’t mean it has to bring expensive heating costs with it. Often, drafty ductwork and air leaks allow cold air into the house, heightening the workload of your furnace and raising your bill.

Fortunately, there are many simple tricks you can employ to keep a comfortable temperature at a lower cost. Before you touch your thermostat, take a look around your home and see which of these 12 tricks apply to you.

1. Replace old weatherstripping.

Worn-out weatherstripping allows cold air in through door frames and windows. Ensure that cracks are tightly sealed to keep drafts away.

2. Caulk exterior spaces.

Caulking exterior doors and windows will keep excess air from forcing its way into your home.

3. Fill holes in exterior walls.

Likewise, sealing and filling holes in outer walls stops cold air from fighting the warm air your furnace is working to keep going.

4. Block your chimney so warm air doesn’t escape.

Stopping cold air from entering does little good if you are not stopping warm air from exiting. Check your chimney to ensure that it is closed up tight to prevent your heat from escaping your home.

5. Seal any leaks in your ductwork.

Again, insulating your ducts keeps air from escaping and your furnace from working harder than it needs to.

6. Invest in portable heaters.

Portable heaters are more cost-effective than running your furnace on high heat. Try turning your thermostat down and allowing a few portable heaters to do the rest of the work.

7. Schedule a furnace tune-up.

Allowing a professional to examine your system will ensure that your furnace is functioning at its absolute best.

8. Check for drafts near electrical boxes.

Eliminate every opportunity for cold air to push its way in.

9. Update your thermostat.

Sometimes, your equipment just needs to be upgraded. Look into updating your thermostat for maximum efficiency.

10. Utilize the sun.

Take advantage of warm sunlight by opening your curtains and allowing the light into your home. This helps warm the air. Likewise, close your blinds at night to keep chilly windows and drafts from intruding.

11. Clean and clear your ventilation system.

Dirty vents can prevent your furnace from projecting maximum heat. Clean them regularly to allow warm air to pass through unrestrained.

12. Keep doors and windows locked.

As mentioned, drafty doors and windows are one of the leading causes of inefficient heaters. Especially at night, lock up to prevent air from entering and escaping.

Owning a home can be very expensive. It’s helpful to know that simple changes make a big difference. Check these problem areas in your home in order to cut down on heating costs.

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