How to Keep Your Family Warm This Winter with A Smart Thermostat

How to Keep Your Family Warm This Winter with A Smart ThermostatSmart thermostats give you complete control over the comfort of your home and help you keep your heating costs low. Here are some HVAC technician-certified tips to help you get the most out of your thermostat.

Set a Temperature Schedule

If you have trouble remembering to lower the thermostat in the evening, setting a schedule can help. Program your smart thermostat to increase or decrease whenever you need it. It’s fantastic for saving money on your heating bill if you know no one will be home at certain times of the day.

Pro tip: You can lower the temperature during your workday and have it set to increase right before you get home, so you won’t even notice the difference.

Check Your Home Energy Report

Smart thermostats can track your energy usage and show you detailed information on how and when you use the most energy. This information is displayed on the app, and many thermostats will show you daily, weekly, or even monthly updates.

These updates will often compare your high days with your low days. You can then use this information to your advantage by changing your thermostat’s settings, adjusting conditions around your home, or scheduling an HVAC tune-up.

Monitor Home Temps on Winter Getaways

If you know you’ll be gone for a long time on a winter trip, smart thermostats can help keep your home at a safe temperature. While it’s good to keep costs low by keeping temperatures low while you’re away, you could end up with frozen pipes if the temperature drops too low.

A smart thermostat can assist you by ensuring your home is in the perfect spot to save money and protect your home.

Take Advantage of Unique Features

Many smart thermostats will come with sensors that will notify you of a drastic temperature change in a room. Some can use the weather information in your area to adjust temperatures in your home for you.

To learn how to use your thermostat to its fullest potential, have your installation done by a certified technician. They can ensure you understand how to access all of the features of your new thermometer.

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