5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Colorado Winter

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Colorado WinterEvery year, winter catches many Denver homeowners by surprise. But with our handy tips, you’ll be ready for anything. Find the time to winterize your home, and you’ll reward yourself with fewer furnace repairs, lower energy costs, and a warmer, cozier home. Consider these 6 important steps:

1. Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

You can adjust your ceiling fans so that they’re moving clockwise. This quick hack does the opposite of what your fans do in summer. It pushes the heat down from the ceiling towards the floor.

2. Change the Filter in Your Furnace

Change your filter regularly to keep your furnace running strong. Changing it throughout the year can have a lasting impact on HVAC performance and your heating bill. The better your system performs, the less strain it’s under, meaning it’s less likely to break down on you.

3. Turn Your Water Heater Down

Adjust the temperature on your water heater to save on heating costs. Turning it down a few degrees could benefit your wallet greatly. If you’re having trouble getting water that’s hot enough, slowly increase the temperature until you’ve reached one that you’re comfortable with, but that still saves money.

4. Get Rid of Drafts

Seal drafty rooms with draft guards. Draft guards or other sealants are a simple but effective solution. You can quickly seal drafty windows with some help from a caulking gun. A lot of your heat could leave a room or your home by passing underneath your door, so you could also just as easily roll up a towel or bath mat for this trick.

5. Adjust Your Thermostat

With all of the other tips to stay warm, turning down your thermostat even one degree will have a small impact on your comfort but a big impact on heating costs. You can also program your furnace temperature to decrease when you aren’t home and save even more money.

Even with these great tips, you’re not prepared for winter without an HVAC check-up from the professionals. Contact Northern Climate Control to schedule your appointment today. Our team services the entire Denver metro area.